Dinner and dessert: a day of cooking highs and lows

It was a usual kind of Tuesday. In the morning, B2 and B4 took a drive with me to visit my mum. We came home mid afternoon so I could begin dinner preparations.

Recipe number two is Smoked salmon & pea risoni with coriander mojo. 

delicious. magazine Feb 2007: Issue 57, p 80

Smoked salmon & pea risoni with coriander mojo

Smoked salmon & pea risoni with coriander mojo

Now for a confession. Back in 2007 I actually made this recipe. At the time it ticked all the boxes, so I was happy to be able to make it again under the excuse of my delicious year.

It’s not a cheap meal, as anyone who lingers over the hot and cold smoked salmon section of the supermarket hoping for specials and mark-downs, will know. I actually paid $9.99 for 150g of hot smoked salmon. The recipe called for two 175g portions. I ended up buying two 150g portions (costing $19.98 – don’t tell Mr Picky Palette!) and it was plenty.

The highs? It was delicious! As delicious as I remember it being. Serve it at room temperature. It has that delicious zing that the combination of garlic, lemon, fresh herbs and chilli give a dish. Mr Picky Palette announced he wanted more (his way of complimenting me), but I reminded him of his comment to me when I started this blog “I better not get fat while you do this!” You won’t if you don’t have seconds dear. It also made a lot of food. The recipe serves 4 – 6 but that is 4 – 6 good size serves. Yay for leftovers!

The lows? Sitting on the floor spoon-feeding B2 and B4 whilst bribing them with the promise of being able to watch ABC3 as I shoved each mouthful into them. Initially, upon seeing what was for dinner, B4 ran screaming from the room yelling “I’m never eating dinner ever, ever, ever again!” (as you do when you’re 4 and your mother serves you green stuff). B2’s initial response was more promising “Mmmm yummy prawns”. Yep, not prawns mate! He then proceeded to NOT eat it until I sat him on my lap and clapped like a crazed woman every time he took a small mouthful. Yay! That lasted for two spoonfuls. Not yay!

So grownups, if you like hot smoked salmon, you like coriander, you like pasta, you like a quick dinner, make it! Thanks to the interweb thingo, you can find the recipe here.

I’ll save the highs and lows of dessert for another time…

X Bree

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